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Eden Lica Clinic a HUGE success!

thank you to all who attended our Pro Clinic with Eden Lica and Andrei Daescu. They were fun , knowledgeable, approachable and great with all of our clients! Stay tuned for more pro-clinics in the not too distant future!

Thank you Southampton Press on this great write up about our recent clinic with Pickleball Pro, Eden Lica!

We will be announcing our latest and greatest upcoming tournaments later this week. Make sure you’ve opted in to receive our mailings by texting Pickleball to 85100!

Around the Post Pickleball Gets Props in the New York Post! Click to Read All About it!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the recent NYC Pickleball open. We are humbled by your support and were very excited when Eden Lica (who we sponsor) and Andrei

Daescu took the SILVER in the tournament. Thank you for your support!! 

Well, our first event is in the books, and we leave this experience with great expectations for the future. The overwhelming response was positive, and the tournament ran without any major hitch, finished on time, play was continual, competitive, fun and in a great facility.

Our medalists were:
3.0 Division
3.0 division
Gold: Fran Alongi and John Cosme
Silver: Luisa and Frank Gramarossa
Bronze: Christine and Mayser Aljader
3.5 Division
3.5 division
Gold: Maria Lobben and Vaughn Campos
Silver: Janice Collins and Robert Verga
Bronze: Maria Napoli and Tom DiVincenzo
4.0 Division
4.0 division
Gold: Liz Ingassia and Any Rousseau
Silver: Shirley Brady and Andy LaCorte
Bronze: Meryl Kessler and Jules Valencia

Very special thanks got to my great friend, doubles partner and pickleball brother, Bob Lessard, for manning the scorers table all day with me and believing in this journey we are about to take. Also to Eric Brady who manned the check in table, handed out the gifts and helped in the set up and break down.

Behind the scenes, many thanks to Jerri Dobler, Lisa Schindler, Jules Valencia, Jack Kratoville, Allison DeTemple and Shelly Simms for all their hard work and helping to get this new brand of pickleball events out to you the players. We have big ambitions and without these people contributing it can’t happen. Thank you all. And of course, to the fine folks at Pickleball Plus for allowing us to bring our product to their great facility. We hope to be there for many more events.

This coming week our 2 tournaments in Vandalia, Ohio in August and Hampton Bays in June will be open for registration! We hope to have a gig in NYC in May, Saratoga Springs in July or August, Long Island this summer also and some events at Tennis at Barn in Westhampton Beach.

I am also getting certified to be an instructor through the organization, IPTPA IN March. I will start having private lessons and clinics out here in the Hamptons, get ready for those updates. So we are off and running……thanks again to all and we will be in touch with all things pickleball often.

Scott Green
Around the Post Pickleball


Hello Picklers,
Welcome to Around the Post Pickleball!!

We are thrilled to announce the first confirmed dates for a tournament to be held at Hampton Bays High School, June 18-20. It’s the Juneteenth weekend. There will be 8 courts available to us. We’ll have a food truck on site, vendor’s and some of the best players from the tri state area.

If you played in the event at Red Creek Park last September, you know we are seriously organized and ready to provide players with wholesome, competitive events.  The format will have 3 or 4 different age categories and 3 skill levels, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 Medals to the top 3 in each group, a goody bag and a long weekend in The Hamptons.

All the details will be finalized shortly. We also have several other events that are in the works, but this was our first confirmed date. There could be a big announcement very soon about an event at The Nassau Coliseum, also in June.  For you snow birds, we are looking at a weekend event in Palm Beach Gardens in mid March. My Ohio friends will be happy to hear we are looking at several sites in Cincinnati, Dayton, Vandalia and Columbus for a tournament or 2 in May. The game plan is to go national and have a cumulative point scoring system for all participants and make ATPP the place for amateur pickleball tournaments.

Our website is:
The email address is:
And of course we have a Facebook page: Around the Post Pickleball
We’ll be in touch soon, hope to see you on the courts.

Scott Green

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Eastern Pickleball Hosts Over 100 Players For Inaugural Peconic Pickleball Classic At Red Creek Park

27 East – Drew Budd Sep 15, 2021

Over 110 people came out to compete in the first ever Peconic Pickleball Classic held on Saturday and Sunday at Red Creek Park in Hampton Bays and hosted by Eastern Pickleball. Despite it being largely a word-of-mouth gathering, organizers of the event, like Scott Green, were not surprised at the large turnout. Green helped put together the event with Jules Valencia and John Barrie.

“It’s the fastest growing sport in America, and younger people are playing it,” Greene said. “When I first started playing, there was the thought that it was a geriatric sport, that former tennis players who couldn’t move around anymore were playing. Now it’s getting younger, it’s blowing up.”

Green, who owns and operates Plate At The Plate, a company that specializes in forming men’s adult baseball tournaments and events at Major League ballparks, spring training facilities, Triple-A stadiums and other fields, parks or stadiums of interest across America, said pickleball is growing so much and so fast that he’s already in the process of starting a second company, Around The Post Pickleball.
“Play At The Plate has done very well nationally, and this is blowing up so much that I’ve already spoken to USPA officials and they’re looking for guys like me and we think we’re going to be holding a New York or Long Island Open at Nassau Coliseum next May, with maybe some smaller tournaments in between,” he explained. “A lot of these people go back to Florida or Arizona. I don’t know if there’s enough to hold a northeast tournament, but again, it’s growing.

“For our first time out to have over 100 people. Word of mouth is unbelievable,” Green added. “And look at everybody, they’re having a great time, they’re conversing with a nice crowd.”

Eastern Pickleball was taking donations over the weekend to help pay for expenses. Green said there was a small surplus of donations above costs which the company will be donating to the Southampton Town Animal Rescue, located right next to the court in Red Creek Park.
”Eastern Pickleball is not in this to make a profit at all,” he said. “We just need to cover our costs. We had to rent the courts, get insurance, turn the lights on, it adds up quickly. Buy new balls, goodie bags, scorebooks, scorecards.”

Some of the avid pickleball players in attendance on Saturday, in addition to Green, remarked how there should be more outdoor facilities dedicated to the popular sport in Southampton Town. Currently, there are six known courts in the town — four that are being built at North Sea Park and two that are at Hampton West Park in Westhampton.

This weekend, the Peconic Pickleball Classic was being played on courts that were outlined in tape on the outdoor roller hockey rink at Red Creek Park.  “I commend the town for building what we have — they didn’t build this, they lined out a hockey rink — but the fact that they built four at SYS and there’s two in Westhampton at Hampton West Park is great,” Green said. “It’s a good start, but we need that,” he added, pointing to the tennis courts at Red Creek, “where we could put 10 to 12 pickleball courts and put it somewhere in the Town of Southampton. There’s demand for it. This is not enough.

“You come down here any time during the summer and you’re waiting,” he continued. “We have protocol — you play four on, four off, and it’s very organized and it’s the pickleball rules — but that’s what it is, so can we use more courts. And this is not a fad. This is not going to be a passing fancy because younger people are playing it, and if younger people keep playing it I think tennis is going to be in big trouble. Very big trouble.”

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman, an avid pickleball player himself, regularly playing at the indoor courts at SYS, said that the new courts at North Sea Park, close to the SYS property, are actually not part of SYS at all, and therefore a membership to that facility will not be required to play on those courts, only a town residency. Southampton Town Parks Director Kristen Doulos said those courts should be done in the coming weeks.

Both Doulos and Schneiderman said there are more courts throughout the town that are lined for pickleball, like the ones at Red Creek Park. Doulos said the town is adding more courts when feasible. Schneiderman agreed that pickleball is a growing sport and that younger people are starting to pick it up. He implored anyone who wants to convey a plan for additional courts to attend Town Board meetings.