Tournaments - 2nd Annual Albany Classic

Congratulations to all of our medalists at the Second Annual Albany Capital Center Classic! Wonderful competitors and great pickleball action! Make sure to mark your calendars for our 3rd Annual Albany Capital Center Pickleball Classic which will be taking place on Martin Luther King weekend , January 17-19th, 2025. Text Pickleball to 85100 to receive our newsletters and make sure you are following us on Facebook as we are about to announce several more events!

Friday, January 11th Results

Women’s Doubles, 4-4.5. 14-49
Gold:Kate Tymeson and Kimberly van Vloodorp Taylor
Silver: Nikki Knight and Erin Ungewitter
Bronze: Kayla Benner and Alison Sylvia

Women’s Doubles, 4-4.5 50+
Gold: Jeanne Hulsen and Kristin Hartley
Silver: Pamela Mantas and Ria Van Niekerk
Bronze: Janet Ford and Gina Burrows

Women’s Doubles 3-3.5, 14-49
Gold: Kate Belden and Tanya Mallette
Silver: Courtney Hannaford and Angela Pham
Bronze: Jess Samplaski and Sarah Israel

Women’s Doubles 3-3.5, 50+
Gold: Heidi Kosh and Denise Hoffman
Silver: Regina Yang and Diane Celine
Bronze: Marymount Vosburgh and Jayne Belair
Saturday, January 13th

Mixed Doubles 3-3.5, 50+
Gold: Donna Dowling and Peter Stevens
Silver: Jennifer Morrell and Rishi Kumar
Bronze: Susan Poisson-Dollar Paul Batchelder

Mixed Doubles 3-3.5, 14-49
Gold: Heidi Kosh and Conor Quinn
Silver: Diane Fronhoffer and Gregory Dedrick
Bronze: Kate Belden and Jamie Johnson

Mixed Doubles 4-4.5, 50+
Gold: Karin Houghton and Michael Thompson
Silver: Pamela Mantas and Kevin Schwenzfeier
Bronze: Nikki Knight and Rob Coco

Mixed Doubles 4 4.5., 14-49
Gold: Carina Szabo and Jake Sandler
Silver: Nasha Ghajar and Will Soos
Bronze: Erin Ungerwitter and Philip Cohen

Sunday, January 14th

Men’s Doubles 3-3.5 50+
Gold: Art Hyde and Ken Stevens
Silver: Tim O’Connor and Chris Fletcher
Bronze: Peter Steven’s and Michael Natale

Men’s Doubles 3-3.5, 14-49
Gold: Greg Dedrick and EJ Hakala
Silver: Cole Webster and James Caswell
Bronze: Adam Heller and Sharad Sharma

Men’s Doubles 4-4.5., 50+
Gold: Steve Ouellette and Preston Sellars
Silver: Don Bossow and Anton Gross
Bronze: Thomas Marron and Shawn Firehock

Men’s Doubles 4-4.5, 14-49
Gold: Jake Sandler and Michael Chieffo
Silver: Nick von Egypt and Andy Ziemens
Bronze: Carter Tyer and Tyler Lantiegne

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Scott Green, Founder


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