Tournaments - 1st Annual Hamptons Pickleball Classic

Thank you to all the players who participated in our 1st Annual Hampton’s Pickleball Classic!

A special shout out goes to athletic director of Hampton Bay’s High School, John Foster, for believing in the event and realizing that this sport is not a fad and the school wants to provide us with quality courts Now and in the future.

We’ll be holding 3 or 4 more summer events in addition to our weekend beginners and improver’s clinics which are rapidly growing.

The medalists were:
3.0 mixed doubles
Gold: Emma and Luke Cittarelli
Silver: Melissa Radin and Jonathan Kilb
Bronze: Jaclyn Kramer and Peter Lico
3.5 Women’s Doubles
Gold: Trish Lectora and Jacklyn Kramer
Silver: Leander Aldoff and Leah Schwartzman
Bronze: Gracie Schamus and Luisa Grammarosa
3.5 Mixed Doubles
Gold: Eric Bergerson and Janine Buss
Silver: Patricia Jablon and Mitchell Kinzer
Bronze: Katy Gallegos and Richard Trotta
3.5 Men’s Doubles
Gold: Joseph Yip and Jason Ledda
Silver: Luke and proud Pappa Larry Citarelli
Bronze: Arunas Lauzadas and Steven Cain
4.0 Men’s Doubles:
Gold: Holloway and Mackie
Silver: Tim Healey and Arunas Lauzadas
Bronze: Rik Kristianson and Joel Walters

Congratulations to all of the players!!

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